Chen YingJun

9th – 13th October 2014

Chen YingJun is the son of Grandmaster Chen XiaoWang – 19th Generational head of the Chen Style. He is an enthusiastic and inspirations teacher – always very eager to pass on the Art of Tai Chi Chuan in its purest form, and to see his students make as much progress as is possible.

All abilities will be welcome at this series of seminars.


Note: The Wednesday classes follow the school term times.

The Monday classes are shut on Bank Holidays.

The Thursday class will run from 21st August onwards

New courses starting at the beginning of every month:

Beginners welcome to all classes!!

Please Contact Mark or Mary Leonard, for further information,
or you can phone on 0117 9775193.

  The Bristol Tai Chi Association has been set up to promote a variety of Chinese Internal Arts, including Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung, and YiQuan. All these Arts involve gentle standing, sitting and lying exercise that can be practiced by anyone. People of all ages, levels of fitness and ability can benefit.
  These exercises have been developed over thousands of years to realign the posture, and teach the body to move in a relaxed, natural manner. As internal tensions are released, the natural energy of the body increases. The body can then heal itself, and internal power can begin to develop.
  It is the beauty of the Internal Arts that they can be adapted to take into account any disability, although those with more severe problems may find it necessary to have some individual tuition before graduating onto the group classes.

  Principle Instructor, Mark Leonard, has over 25 years experience in the Chinese Internal Arts, and is qualified with the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain to teach all aspects of Tai Chi Chuan at all levels, and studies with some of the top masters in the world.
  The Bristol Tai Chi Assossiation is also a member of the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts - the only official governing body for Chinese Martial Arts in the UK ,
and is affiliated to The Chinese Internal Arts Association - Princple instructor, Karel Koskuba.

  We teach several classes in Chinese Internal Arts - Chen style Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan); YiQuan (I Chuan) and Chi Kung (QiGong).

  Our classes run from the beginning of each month, and beginners are welcome to join then. The classes are appropriate for all ages and levels of fitness, and can be adapted to suit any disability. We also teach small groups and individuals in our home, and this is to be recommended for anyone suffering from a specific problem, especially at the beginning.

Highly effective as both a martial art and health giving system, YiQuan is now the fastest growing Chinese Internal Art in both China and America , this fascinating art is specially designed to be practiced by people of all levels of health and fitness. Visit for more about this Art.

Please feel free to email Mark, for further information about any courses or seminars that interest you, or phone on 0117 9775193, with any inquiries.

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