We are pleased to announce that our classes are now resuming in person.

This will be subject to constant review and subject to changes following government guidance.

In the event that we must suspend classes again, we will be offering a Zoom alternative.

We run intensive extended training on Saturday mornings - 10.30 - 1.30 to go over important aspects of the training in greater detail.

The class is spilt into ability/interest groups with senior students leading each group to ensure that the training is as personalised as possible. The extra time give us an opportunity to practice aspects we may not always get a chance to cover, such as weapons training and Pushing Hands practice.

Next Saturday Workshops:

       Usually our saturday workshops are held the first saturday of each month, there will not be a workshop in August 2021.

5th June 2021

3rd July 2021

4th September 2021

2nd October 2021

6th November 2021

4th December 2021

Please check our facebook page for the latest news.

We now have classes in both Bristol & Weston-super-Mare.

Our classes welcome both beginners and experienced students. We are also running sessions on Saturday, teach classes in various businesses as part of their health and safety initiatives, and offering private tuition.

For more information, please contact Mark on: 01934 621184.

About Bristol Tai Chi

Our classes are based around the system taught to us directly by Master Chen YingJun, as taught to him from infancy by his father Grandmaster Chen XiaoWang - who is the 18th Generational head of the style. We are hugely privelidged to host Master YingJun for a week each autumn. Master YingJun is incredibly dedicated to learning and teaching the art to the highest level, but is also great fun, offering the very highest level of teaching in a way accessible to all learners. Master YingJun has been acknowledged by his father as his successor, and is widely accpeted to be one of the best teachers in the world.

Principle Instructor, Mark Leonard, has been teaching full time since 1986. He trains each year for a week in China with Master Chen YingJun, in Chen village - the birthplace of Tai Chi. He and is a Senior Instructor for the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain - which guarantees at least 20 years of high quality teaching experience. He has studied Tai Chi since 1980, and regularly studies with top world experts Grandmaster Chen XiaoWang (19th Generational head of the style); his son Chen YingJun; and his disciple Karel Koskuba. The Bristol Tai Chi Assossiation is also a member of the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts - the only official governing body for Chinese Martial Arts in the UK, and is affiliated to The Chinese Internal Arts Association - Princple instructor, Karel Koskuba.

We teach several classes in Chinese Internal Arts - Chen style Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan); YiQuan (I Chuan) and Chi Kung (QiGong).

Our classes run from the beginning of each month, and beginners are welcome to join then. The classes are appropriate for all ages and levels of fitness, and can be adapted to suit any disability. We also teach small groups and individuals in our home, and this is to be recommended for anyone suffering from a specific problem, especially at the beginning.

Highly effective as both a martial art and health giving system, YiQuan is now the fastest growing Chinese Internal Art in both China and America , this fascinating art is specially designed to be practiced by people of all levels of health and fitness. Visit yiquan.org for more about this Art.

Please feel free to email Mark, for further information about any courses or seminars that interest you, or phone on 01934 621184, with any inquiries.