Students having fun at Tai Chi lesson in Bristol

Our Classes

We run classes for all different levels of ability, with new classes now starting in various locations.

All the classes, whether Tai Chi or YiQuan, contain a large component of QiGong (Chi Kung), as this should be the root of all the Internal Arts. Many people interested in these arts for health want to focus only on the QiGong, and this is totally acceptable in any of our classes.

For class locations please see below.

We hold our Saturday workshops on the first Saturday of each month at Victoria Methodist Church in Clifton (please see below address). We hold a morning and afternoon workshop, times are as follows:

10.30am - 1.30pm.

We also run small group and individual classes for those in need of more specialist tuition. If you have specific problems you are trying to focus on, or just require more in depth help, please feel free to contact us.

Dress is informal - just loose, comfortable clothes such as a t-shirt and jogging bottoms. Most people go barefoot or wear socks, but some are more comfortable in trainers, and this is fine.

Please note we do NOT generally do bank holidays (although we break the rule occasionally!!).

Class Fees

Bristol classes run from the start of the month, and are £30 - paid monthly in advance.

Weston classes are £25 per month with the same arrangements. Payment per class and other concessions can be organised.

Cheques made payable to: "The Bristol Tai Chi Association".

Feel free to contact us with any quieries, or just come along to a class.